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3rd Wind Network

elevating the retirement experience

About the Business

At 3rd Wind Network, we believe that surviving a long life is grand, but leading a robust life is divine. Our goal is to inspire adults to do just that by elevating their retirement experience. 3rd Wind Network transitions the recently retired into a new lifestyle full of vibrancy and engagement. We offer classes, events and excursions focused on personal growth and social connection using creative and cultural outlets. Subject matters include painting, drawing, creative writing, photography, cooking, healthy living, and much more.


CEO Noelle Minter founded 3rd Wind Network in 2016. As Assistant Director at an innovative New York City nonprofit organization, Noelle was exposed to the social and intellectual desires of the Baby Boomer generation. After a decade working in the aging services industry she was called to action by the disconnect between the sophisticated needs of modern retirees and the outdated services dedicated to their wellness. As a native of the Bronx, it was important for Noelle to incorporate the rich arts, culture and entertainment tapestry of New York City into her business model. Noelle approached Start Small Think Big for legal and financial advice as she expands her business.