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A Playdate Everyday

Fostering Future Community Leaders Through Play

About the Business

A Playdate Everyday is an afterschool program designed specifically for Pre-K and Kindergarten children. Our program is designed to foster communication, cooperation, and empathy-building blocks for the communities our children will live in, and someday lead. The focus of our program is “friendship fostering”, constructively guiding, through play, the natural process of making friends, being a friend, and learning teamwork. We help young children connect with each other, learning social skills by having fun in a relaxed no-tech atmosphere.

About the Entrepreneurs

Jennifer is a professional dancer and singer who has taught music and dance to elementary school students in Brooklyn for over 20 years. Working in after school programs in Brooklyn, Jennifer saw the need to create a curriculum uniquely tailored to kindergarten students that enables structured social interactions among students, promoting the development of friendships and social skills that will help them succeed in school and ultimately in life. After operating her program at one public school for six years, Jennifer has now implemented her after-school curriculum at schools across Brooklyn.