Bad Gurl’s Burgers

unique tastes inspired by the farm to-table movement and Sunday soul food dinners. 

About the Business

Bad Gurls Burgers is a pop-up burger shop offering savory and locally sourced burgers and vegan sandwiches. Bad Gurls Burgers provides a unique selection of toppings: eclectic sauce blends and seasonal toppings that combine southern and international flavors. Festivals, concerts, cool bars, private events and VIP suites all play host to the mobile restaurant.


Jet is a hard working and enthusiastic young entrepreneur. After putting herself through college at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and working as a fashion and entertainment publicist; she realized that the creative skills she was developing could  be used for grassroots community engagement and ultimately for her own business ventures. Since 2013, Jet has been developing the business plan for Bad Gurls Burgers, while simultaneously working full-time as a community organizer.  Jet’s background in fashion, natural charisma, and customizable burger menu create the backdrop for Bad Gurls Burgers. Start Small Think Big has worked with Jet on financial modeling, intellectual property, contract drafting, forming a legal entity, and investments. She has also been provided with instrumental advice on how to structure an equity investment in her business and now she is thriving at a variety of pop-up venues across New York City.