Healthy, organic & natural beverages


BOSUO was created out of a passion to bring ready-to-drink beverages inspired by global cultures to the local market. BOSUO fuses traditional recipes with contemporary knowledge and creativity to craft drinks that satisfy a modern taste without compromising their cultural roots. Its most popular drinks include a modern twist on traditional hibiscus herbal tea, or bissap, as it is known in West Africa.

With a few tweaks to the formula, they arrived at two signature beverages with unique and vibrant flavor profiles. BISSAP Rouge blends tangy red hibiscus with notes of vanilla, ginger and lemon for layered, zesty aroma and flavor. BISSAP Blanc has the delicate tart taste of white hibiscus with a hint of pineapple, ginger and lemon. The complex palettes and characteristics of both blends render a balanced and refreshing finish.