Stagg Jam & Marmalade

Louisiana tradition with Brooklyn style

About the Business

STAGG jam & marmalade has a simple mission: combine Louisiana tradition with Brooklyn style. Pulling from her Cajun background, founder Candice has turned her grandfather Stagg’s rules of life — work hard & do what you love — into the recipe for a great jam. It’s this direct, no-tricks philosophy that anchors her dual passions for innovation and tradition into combinations like Lemon Charcoal, Cherry Chai, and Banana Jam. Produced thoughtfully in small batches, Stagg spreads are versatile, vegan, and made in the heart of Brooklyn — with a piece of mind still back home in Louisiana.


Feeling unfulfilled by her previous career, Candice took the plunge and left her job to build a business she believed in. Inspired by the fruits and flavors from her small Louisiana hometown, Candice creates jams with unique flavors such as banana and sorrel. Even without much marketing, demand for her product has soared! Recognizing this is a good problem to have, Candice approached Start Small Think Big for assistance scaling up.