Business Feasibility Research  Data

Kauffman Foundation and Start Small Think Big


In 2019, we began a research project seeking to understand financial planning as a barrier to entrepreneurship for small business owners from marginalized and low income communities. This three year project focuses on testing a financial analysis tool, which we call a Feasibility Screen, and audit process developed by Start Small Think Big, to help these small business owners, and the programs supporting them, determine if potential ventures are feasible before investing more resources into building the business. We have compiled data from the screens as well as business outcome information from follow up assessments one and 2 years after the initial screen. 

We plan to have initial results of our analysis available by June 2022. If you are interested in looking at our data, you can submit a request below. 

This project is supported by the Kauffman Foundation’s Knowledge Challenge.




Our Commitment to Equity and Learning

Equity Commitment

Start Small Think Big is deeply committed to building an inclusive and anti-racist organization where clients, staff, and volunteers of all identities feel seen, heard, and valued.

We recognize the long history of exclusionary practices that have intentionally kept many marginalized communities out of the business sector, especially communities of color. We have a responsibility to play an active role in fighting systems of oppression and advancing equity in small business ownership.

We take an intentional approach to centering the needs and experiences of the most impacted communities to shape our strategic priorities across all areas of our work. We are committed to an active learning process to continually transform our policies, structures, and organizational culture to better support small business owners who face unique challenges stemming from structural racism that limit the growth and sustainability of their businesses.

By centering those at the margins, we aim to create the conditions for all groups to succeed.


*Start Small Think Big, Inc. is dedicated to partnering with individuals who share our values of diversity, equity, integrity, acceptance, and inclusion. We welcome business owners who, like us, accept customers, clients, and employees of all identities. These values support our vision of entrepreneurship and guide the way we work. For more information, see our values.