Civil Pet

a pet trainer based in Brooklyn, specializing in large, high energy dogs.

About the Business

Alex has been training animals for more than 6 years. He uses reward based training principles that have been scientifically demonstrated to effectively train your dog. Alex’s goal is to train you to be a dog trainer for your dog so you can increase the bond between you and your canine companion. He specializes in high energy dogs.

About the Entrepreneurs

Alex is a pet trainer/dog walker based in Brooklyn. After working in an aquarium and at local pet stores, and training his own dog, Raja a lab-rottweiler mix, he decided to start his own business. He hopes to use his skills to train all kinds of pets, specializing in large, high energy dogs and pets with behavioral issues. As his clientele and demand for his services has grown exponentially, Alexander approached Start Small Think Big to formalize his business.