Coqui the Chef

chef educators who teach fun and educational cooking classes/workshops to both children and adults.

About the Business

Coqui the Chef is a social enterprise with traveling chef instructors who teach fun and educational cooking classes in New York. Our services include cooking parties, cooking demonstrations and educational cooking curriculum for schools. Tell us where you would like us to teach and we’ll be there with our cooking tools and food. LET’S GET COOKING! VAMOS A COCINAR!

About the Entrepreneurs

Tania, a lifelong resident of Hunts Point, had an “aha!” moment when she realized the processed food craze is the root of the health problems plaguing her family and friends. Coming from Puerto Rico, her grandparents grew and cooked organic food, from this she understood the connection between food, health, and how important it is to educate underserved communities. Fed up with the lack of healthy food options and the cycle of obesity and poor health in her neighborhood, Tania founded a culinary and nutrition education program aiming to educate urban youth to prepare and consume healthy foods. She teaches at community-based organizations, local bodegas, and even on street corners! A true entrepreneur and activist, Tania not only teaches culinary and nutrition skills but also includes a dose of grassroots strategy in her curriculum: she encourages students to request fresh produce at grocery stores to convey customer demand. Through Start Small Think Big, Tania has worked on optimizing both marketing strategies and employment structures. She worked with a variety of people to ensure proper compliance with intellectual property, craft contracts to fit her business needs, and choose the right corporate structure to develop her community-oriented business.