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Grab Em’ Snacks


About the Business

Geetha’s Spoon and Sprout began as Grab Em’ Snacks, a snack food company in 2007; after inclusion of a vegetarian cafe in NJ for 3+ years she has reinvented it in Brooklyn along three lines of plant-based products - CATERING for events and groups, single portion Grab-n-Go PREPARED FOOD and SNACKS based on green plantains and organic herbs & spices.

Geetha excels in using seasonal vegetables from local farmers, organic ingredients (lentils, herbs, spices and grains), minimal use of processed meat-substitutes like seitan to delight her customers, many who exclaim "I love my steak, but I love your veggie food EVEN more" !

A lifelong vegetarian, Geetha raised 2 sons in suburban NJ by preparing delicious plant-based items - after-school snacks, parties at home and Ridge High School events where hungry students from dozens of debating teams congregated throughout the year!