boutique wellness classes

About the Business

Founder Ryan Freed’s mother extended a 2-year prognosis from cancer to 8 years with doctor-prescribed wellness practices like meditation and yoga. Despite widespread acknowledgment of the benefits of these practices, the average studio makes 1% profit, the average teacher makes under 30K annually, and barriers to entry still exist for customers. hOM is cutting the rent out from the fitness studio industry by delivering boutique wellness classes (yoga, meditation, and core) directly to residential, commercial, and hospitality properties through partnerships with property managers/owners as an in-property amenity, retention, and marketing tool. We’re working across 23 locations with Stonehenge, Rose Associates, Kushner Real Estate, Bozzuto, Building and Land Tech, Edison Properties, and MyHomePayge.

About the Entrepreneurs

Ryan is an entrepreneur who has been starting businesses since the age of 14. His most recent venture is a fundraised private yoga/meditation service, which creates customized boutique fitness studios within residential and commercial spaces in New York City and New Jersey. By using under-utilized spaces, the business creates affordable opportunities for residents to practice yoga, meditation and exercise. Ryan’s business plan was inspired by his mother, who was diagnosed with cancer and given two years to live but through a dramatic lifestyle change of focusing on yoga and meditation was able to fight cancer for eight years. Ryan has been working with Start Small Think Big to structure business ownership, determine proper employment agreements, and trademark his business name and logo. He hopes to mainstream his mother’s practices by making them affordable and accessible.