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ridesharing service designed specifically for children and seniors in NYC

About the Business

Kidault is ridesharing service designed specifically for children and seniors in NYC. Kidault is not your typical ridesharing company. We are a family-first, safety-inspired company that understands that security and patience are needed when dealing with children and seniors. Most of our drivers are mothers and all of our drivers excel in caregiving. We offer correctly installed convertible car seats in every car that go from newborn to booster, carpool services for children, live video stream during the ride and, most of all, friendliness and compassion.

About the owner

The idea for Kidault started in 2015 when Enitan Shepherd and her partner could not find safe reliable transportation for their two young boys who had begun public school. It wasn’t until late 2016 when Enitan was laid off from her finance job that she decided to turn her idea into a reality. Being a nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST), Enitan uses her knowledge to conduct child safety seat checks, including ensuring proper use of child restraint systems and safety belts. Enitan came to Start Small for help with contract to use with her clients and drivers, and assistance drafting a marketing plan.