About the Business

At Metabrew, we make consciously caffeinated superfood drinks out of plant-based, organic ingredients. Instead of excess caffeine, sugar, and artificial ingredients, we use moderate caffeine, no sugar, and only beneficial ingredients.  The drinks are great for a morning boost, an afternoon pick-me-up or even a “clean treat” between meals. They improve focus and performance, and give longer lasting energy without negative consequences.

We currently offer a Coffee- and a Tea-based Metabrew on our website and in selected health food stores in NYC.

We are 100% female founded with the vision to empower people to make better choices and become their own heroes by providing them with a new & innovative energy experience.



Natalie and Romy, known as “the mavens” of their company, recently launched a specialty food business selling an innovative superfood drink that is aligned with several trendy nutrition plans including Paleo, Vegan, and Bulletproof. Over the last year, they have truly built their concept from the ground up, devising everything from the recipe, to the manufacturing process, to the branding, on their own. Their dedication has paid off: as of February 2016, less than a year after embarking on this journey, they are producing in a commercial kitchen and are fully operational. Start Small Think Big has assisted the business owners with intellectual property, contract drafting, and employment strategy.