Nature's Beauty Mix

100% natural hand-crafted beauty products

About the Business

Nature’s Beauty Mix LLC sells 100% all-natural and handcrafted beauty products for hair and skin under the brand name Natural V.I.P. The types of products include lotion, creams, body wash, lip balms, shampoos, conditioners, and deodorant. Products are handmade with natural ingredients such as raw unrefined butters, plant oils, and essential oils. Products are never tested on animals and we do not do business with suppliers who use animal testing. We do not use irritating or hazardous cosmetic chemicals.


Janeen started this business after discovering how to make her own beauty products at home. After having bad experiences with store-bought products, she began researching all the natural ingredients that are helpful for hair and skin, and creating her own products! She felt better and healthier without the daily use of chemically created beauty products and wanted to share her product creations with the world, which is how Nature’s Beauty Mix was born!