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Full-Time Career Opportunities

Financial Program Director

The Financial Program Director is directly responsible for managing Start Small’s small business financial programming and services, the purpose of which is to empower entrepreneurs to build a solid financial foundation for their business by implementing proper business financial management practices. Once clients establish a solid financial foundation and understanding, Start Small will assist entrepreneurs in setting growth goals, making well-informed strategic business decisions and then analyzing financial progress. The Financial Program Director reports directly to the Director of Programs and Partnerships.

Program Manager, Marketing & Sales Program

Start Small currently has an opening in the Marketing and Sales Program for a Program Manager. This full-time role based in our New York City office offers a unique opportunity for a skilled and highly motivated program manager, with an interest or background in marketing and communications, to use their talents to assist under-resourced entrepreneurs in accessing marketing and sales opportunities for their business.



Marketing Program Fellowship

The Start Small Marketing and Sales Program assists small business owners with a range of marketing and sales needs. On the marketing end, our aim is to assist small business owners in building a marketing infrastructure for their business (a brand identity guide, marketing collateral, digital presence), and for more advanced businesses, support them in developing a marketing strategy for their business (SEO, Online Advertising, Website Audits, and Strategic Marketing Plans) by connecting entrepreneurs to marketing experts who can assist them for FREE. One the sales side, we aim to identify new and varied sales opportunities that can help our businesses increase their revenue and support their readiness for various distribution channels.