Planet Pepper

Welcome to Planet Pepper!

About the Business

Planet Pepper® “bootifies” the Glamazons of the world with Astrobooty® hip and butt pads. Our patent pending hip and butt pads give drag queens, female impersonators and transsexuals that feminine and voluptuous look. Vincent P. Cuccia and Alex Bartlett started Planet Pepper in 2010. Planet Pepper is Gay owned and serves the LGBTS community. So join us on the spaceship and take your look to a whole new place. Destination—Planet Pepper!


Vincent and Alex have operated a drag queen clothing design company since 2009. Planet Pepper has received increasing publicity from the drag queen community, with a number of well-known divas endorsing the Astrobooty product. Vincent has worked with Start Small Think Big to develop creative new marketing strategies and navigate corporate governance to figure out the appropriate way to expand his niche business. He has also worked with the financial team to build and maintain a bookkeeping system and financial statements.