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Pretty Pokets

stylish diaper bags

About the Business

Pretty Pokets creates a premium vegan leather diaper bag that is practical, elegant and stylish. The bag features a patent-pending diaper dispenser and trash cover dispenser, thereby making the diapering process as painless as possible. Pretty Pokets’ goal is to empower and support moms not only with the products that we design and create, but also through the services we do, the partnerships we take up and the collaborations we make with others.


Working as a hardware engineer for 10 years, Madhu had limited opportunities to explore her creativity. In 2014, while mentoring a girls team for a Tech Challenge, she rediscovered her creative spirit. This lead her to create a solution for one of her biggest challenges as a new mom - a functional diaper bag. She had wanted, and ultimately created, a bag that could easily carry all necessary baby gear in a practical, discreet, and elegant bag.