Jamie and her family have long been involved in the dry-cleaning industry, and appreciate having the independence that comes along with their own business.

Allison Lee Household

Allison is committed to making homes and outdoor spaces as clean and safe as possible through the pressure washing and outdoor cleaning services that she provides. She treats each project as if it were her own home, and prides herself on the excellent customer service.

Annie's T Cakes

Annie has been passionate about making an eco-conscious food space, but also frustrated at the lack of food brands tailored to Asian American diets. So, she decided to make my own solution starting with vegan, gluten free, and up-cycled Taiwanese pineapple.

Annie's T Cakes

Founder Annie Wang

Frustrated by the lack of food brands tailored to Asian American diets, Annie made it her mission to create a better food system with sustainably produced, plant-based, traditional Chinese foods and snacks.

She opened Annie's T Cakes, a vegan Taiwainese bakery in Oakland, where she sells gluten-free Taiwanese pineapple cakes and other baked goods.

Binis Kitchen LLC

Bini came to the US in 2004 and instantly missed Nepalese food. After overcoming interpersonal barriers including housing insecurity she and her young son relocated to the Bay Area. Once moving back to San Francisco with her sister.


Founder Chau Mui

Ciaooo! is a local, neighborhood site about NYC that lives between a city guide and a lifestyle magazine. They cover unique, off the grid places to eat, drink, shop and see and all the ways to survive and thrive affordably in NYC. Their goal is to inspire New Yorkers to be the most informed, impactful, and fun versions of themselves, because the first step in making the world a better place, is to start at home.

AAPI-owned / Books, Media, & Tech
DBA Dear Bella Creamery

Alice & Belinda are two best friends that bonded over their mutual love for vegan ice cream. Our ice creams are made with the most premium and natural ingredients like oat milk and unrefined cane sugar. They make all of their cookies, brownies, and cakes fresh!

Commit to Green Inc

A veteran entrepreneur, Shien-ru designs solutions to the plastics problem faced by the food industry and educates consumers using technology and transparency. Her nationwide customers love that her disposable produce bags, shopping bags, and other products.


Founder Vanna Truong

Crossfit Kindred is a functional fitness gym in San Jose, California. Their mission is to create a caring community that inspires real people to rekindle their passion for fitness and life. They want to really be this and not just say it in their mission. The Crossfit Kindred team wants to show that they care about their people in tangible ways like getting to know them, being around them, and hanging out.

AAPI-owned / Health & Wellness
Daol Tofu

Young Kyun Bae and her son, Ju, have been operating a Korean BBQ restaurant in the Temescal area of Oakland for the past 2 years. They serve classic Korean dishes like Soft Tofu and take pride in creating a relaxed, family-friendly environment.


Founder Sana Javeri Kadri

Diaspora Co. is building a better spice trade, equitably and deliciously. Diaspora Co. was founded in 2017 to create a radically new, and equitable vision of the spice trade, decolonizing a commodity back into a seasonal crop, and a broken system into an equal exchange. They source India's freshest, heirloom, and single-origin spices, directly from their partner farms.

Kimberly M. Wang

Kimberly uses photography to help people define who they are or who their business is. She believes that you do not have to be famous to access beautiful editorial images that attract your audience and build your brand.

elementi designs inc

After spending a career in telecommunications, Melissa found herself seeking a career change in the early 2000s. During a visit to Shanghai in 2004 it occurred to her that the beautiful jewelry pieces she found there would sell well on the American market.

Feng Shui Canary

Betty was previously a CPA, and had started doing some Feng Shui work with people but it was not consistent. However, at the end of 2020, she was able to build some momentum and found a system that worked. She is a Feng Shui expert who consults individuals.

Forest & Flour // formerly Soturi Kitchen

Yu Ling, known by their friends and family as Sway, is committed to making the world a healthier and more sustainable place. Sway spent much of their 20’s as a bartender and felt that their health had begun declining. After improving their own health.

grayseas pies

Gracie started her selling her pies to support local charities, after receiving great feedback from family and friends she decided to open her own business. Gracie loves sharing her culture through her pies using ingredients like taro and cassava.

Healing w/ Camille

Camille is a Spiritual Creativity Coach and a Yoga Teacher based in Southern California. Camille has a rich and extensive background in yoga, education, and mindfulness that informs her ability to connect with and support each individual student through Yoga.

In Full Bloom Coaching

Jenn offers a coaching program for Black, Indigenous People of Color and Immigrant Women of Color who have been taught to sacrifice in service to others. Her goal is to help them listen to their deepest selves with love and respect so they can honor.


Founder Tehmina Brohi

Istani is an independent, woman-owned lifestyle brand based in New York City. They are deeply influenced by their South Asian roots and the diversity and creativity of NYC. Istani sources fabrics from small scale artisans in Pakistan and transforms them into modern, ready-to-wear pieces. Their bold designs are made to enhance the customer’s personal style and

AAPI-owned / Clothing

Founder Cheri Mims

A San Francisco Legacy Business, IXIA is a full-service flower company creating bespoke, one-of-a-kind, flower arrangements. Experiencing an IXIA arrangement is a journey into the sublime, known for it’s branches, tree trunks and driftwood, each arrangement is designed to surround the customer and appeal to their senses. In their work clients can see tradition blend with innovation, in designs that range from fresh takes on the familiar to the exotic.

AAPI-owned / House & Home
Kicheko Goods

Sarah has a socially-conscious jewelry brand with pieces inspired by geometry, nature, creative conversations and travel. All pieces are created in small batch and make an impact by supporting access to education.

Lady Alamo

Yiva's company creates some of the highest quality bags available in the Bay Area. She started her business in 2011 after working for a large bag design company. She began by making bags in her Alamo Square apartment and she now has her own storefront.


Founder Yiva Wong

In 2011, wife & husband team Yiva & Bryce began printing and sewing bags out of their tiny apartment in San Francisco’s Alamo Square neighborhood, home of the Painted Ladies (Alamo Square + Painted Ladies = Lady Alamo). Having since moved into the City’s Mission District, the commitment to producing locally and finding happiness through design remains.

AAPI-owned / Kids & Baby / Accessories
Luminae Wellness

After majoring in economics, Ivy worked for an investment bank in New York City and a start-up in San Francisco. Due to the high levels of stress caused by her work, Ivy began enduring health issues.