Founder Stephanie Flor

Around the World Beauty is a community, a meet-us-here-anytime-anywhere virtual destination. They offer workshops inspired by the ancient beauty secrets from around the world, and feature DIY experiences on creating one-of-a-kind rituals that date back thousands of years – rosewater class, turmeric face masks, and other beauty offerings inspired by ancient beauty secrets of the world.

Latinx-owned / Beauty
Art Rentals of California

Founder Natalia Poltoratzky

Natalia opened an art rental business in the Berkeley Design Loop, striving to be the Bay Area's premier resource for high quality art for film, television, and commercial production. Highlights of her collection include large contemporary oil paintings, Hasselblad photographic prints, and a unique collection of vintage and antique frames. The unique feature about her business is that all the work is copyright cleared and ready for commercial use.

Latinx-owned / Art

Founder Kelly López-Ortega

Founders Iván Lopez & Alexa Treviño set out to establish a creative gallery + studio that would embody Nature, Familia, + Cultura. Artillery AG is home to many art forms – Clay, Earth, Paint, and Photography. With Clay + Flora they honor our Pachamama. Through photography, they reflect on the times and their ancestors in each moment. Visit Artillery AG to be inspired.

Latinx-owned / Art / Education

Founder Megan Meza

Horchata Cold Brew is dairy-free, and sweetened with dates and made by women! A Mexican classic, this is the creamy rice drink one finds at taco shops in San Diego, or on the streets of Mexico City — but with a kick of caffeine from cold brew coffee! Chilled and refreshing with notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and a touch of sweetness, Bandida is made with rice, coconut, and cashew milk. This is the perfect beverage when you want to mix up your morning.

Latinx-owned / FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT

Founder Charley Ferrer

Cancer Tamer provides education, empowerment services, and life-enriching activities to women with cancer – a new way to think, look and live with cancer – because no one should be at war with their body. For decades, the medical community has taught us that cancer is the enemy; that we should eradicate it; that it’s something we must try to survive, overcome, and destroy. Let’s learn a new way.

Latinx-owned / Health & Wellness

Founder Maria Angelica Delgado

We are on a venture to locate and fund a Local Tortilleria & Cocina Storefront. We will continue as a Home Cottage Food Operator offering Sweet and Savory (Non-Meat) Tamales, Tortillas, Traditional Mexican Chocolate, Pinole and other packaged items available for you to order online. Read about our tamales fundraiser where you can select savory tamales as a donation, or support with a purchase at one of our farmers markets.

Latinx-owned / FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT

Founder Juan Sánchez

Juan is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico and prides himself in his unique culinary style which incorporates flavors and dishes from his region with a homemade quality and elevated plating. After he was laid off from his restaurant job due to the pandemic, he started taking orders from his community for homemade Chilaquiles. His cooking grew in popularity, especially after a feature in the New Yorker, and then he received a call from a friend offering him an incredible opportunity to take over a heavily trafficked restaurant space in Manhattan. He has since expanded his menu to offer an array of unique dishes, and looks forward to running a restaurant and sharing his delicious food with more people.

FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT / Latinx-owned

Founder Claudia Berroa

Claudy’s Gourmet is a small family business operating in the Bronx and selling to all of New York City. Claudia, the cooking genius, is a New Yorker by way of Lima, Peru. Claudy’s has the best Peruvian food, serving all fresh, natural and locally sourced foods whenever possible. Finally, their recipes have been worked on for hundreds of hours until each item comes out balanced in flavor, appearance and texture. Tasting is believing...

Latinx-owned / Restaurants & Catering

Founder Luis Miranda

The Concourse Art Foundation is a community based organization that provides a platform for all artists through a series of festivals. Film, Comedy, Poetry and Food. Each festival building its own network and family. Together. A foundation for the arts. Each department will also run a 10-week program for the local youth, hiring artists to teach their craft. The youth will learn the fundamentals and learn how to make money.

Latinx-owned / Art

Founder Tania Lopez

Are you looking to transform your weekly menu? Or do you want to cook with family, friends or colleagues? Then you’ve come to the right place! Coqui the Chef’s recipes and virtual cooking classes are unique and tasty. They love to explore all types of food from all over the world. Their passion is to teach how food can be a passport to an amazing culinary experience around the globe. Join their community of food explorers!

Latinx-owned / FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT

Founder Celia Alvarez Prado

De Colores Collective celebrates culture via podcast, parties, and the arts. De Colores Radio is available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify. Visit their Instagram for more.

Latinx-owned / Books, Media, & Tech

Founder David Martinez

The people, food and the prime locations make De La Tierra Plant Based Vegan Food the perfect place for friends and family to come together and have a great time. Their dining experiences a are pure delight with their fresh, healthy and tasty vegan dishes and drinks. With top service and premium cuisine, enjoy inspired food in an environment unique to the local area.

Latinx-owned / FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT

Founder Diana Larios

Diana Larios is an apprentice tattoo artist and photographer located in Brooklyn, NYC. 

Latinx-owned / Art

Founder Hector Castillo Carvajal

Hector Carvajal noticed that in New York City the demand for healthy food options and ethical/sustainable business practices has greatly increased. That is why he decided to create Don Carvajal Café. He wants to change the way coffee, in both its production and distribution, is perceived by strategically working against unethical practices that lead to deforestation, chemical runoff, and child labor.

FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT / Latinx-owned

Founder Guadalupe Castro

Fierce Spa Nail Salon is a world class nail salon dedicated to creating individual styling. They give you that “Welcome to the Family!” feeling. Cleanliness and sanitary conditions are their primary concern, along with customer satisfaction. Their technicians are highly-trained professionals who speak English and Spanish and share our “clean-freak” quirk!

Latinx-owned / Beauty

Founder Stephany Reyes-Seri

Financially Fit’s mission is to provide underserved communities with the tools they need to be successful. They achieve this in two ways: financially and physically. The services they offer include technical assistance to existing business owners, a youth entrepreneurship program and fitness sessions. Physical health is essential to success. 

Latinx-owned / Business & Consulting

Founder Gregory Pereira

First Steps Urban Outreach provides professional training in CPR, First Aid and Child Care to those that want to work in Day Care, Child Care or open their own Day Care Center. They additionally teach Defensive Driving in their classrooms or online. Please contact First Steps Urban Outreach for more information or to schedule a training session.

Latinx-owned / Kids & Baby

Founder Richard Meza

Greener County Construction Inc. is a New York City licensed and insured Home Improvement Contractor. They provide consulting, concrete, block, brick and carpentry work. They offer an end-to-end client experiences that include excellent results – every time. They deliver quality work. They look forward to building for you. 

Latinx-owned / House & Home

Founder Ana Reyes

Bronx / Bedford area flan and cheesecake bakery. 

Latinx-owned / FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT

Founder Heiddi Zalamar

Heiddi Zalamar Coaching Services helps stressed out moms find time to relax – stop trying to escape your life and savor more happy moments with your family. For a quick “one and done” self-care plan, you can book a “Pay What You Want” session. More support is available. Visit her website for info.

Latinx-owned / Business & Consulting

Founder Sergio Miranda

Inti Chicha is a traditional drink around the Andes region in South America. The Incas used to make it for ceremonies and celebrations. It’s a great source of probiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. You can find Inti Chicha at the Farmer’s market during the weekend in Sag Harbor and Southampton.

Latinx-owned / FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT

Founder Israel Torres

IT Tile and Grout Master helps individuals and businesses across San Francisco bring their ideas to life, providing a wide range of services for all kinds of needs. Whether you’re looking to work on an existing space or undertake a bigger project, they can help you achieve the results you seek.

Latinx-owned / House & Home

Founder Lisette Scott

Lisette Scott was always fascinated by her grandparent's Jamaican and Puerto Rican heritage.

She created Jam + Rico to dive deeper into her love of jewelry designing and the Caribbean, and create a more profound cultural connection with her ancestors.

Jewelry / Black-owned / Latinx-owned

Founder Janet Soriano

Janet Soriano is all about creating websites that sell! As a web designer, she’s sick of seeing people spend all of this time on their website (watching YouTube videos about their website) and not getting clients. She wants to help you know your exact next steps to stop spinning your wheels, so you can start focusing on getting clients now, without your website holding you back.

Latinx-owned / Books, Media, & Tech