LevelUp Time Studio

Founder Christopher Hernandez

Chris is an instructional designer and ed-tech specialist who focuses on properly integrating STEM/STEAM education for neuro-diverse students. He has since expanded his mission to the inclusion of media literacy, video game literacy, training parents, and providing free materials for those who wish to adopt an inclusive learning lifestyle when it comes to educational technology. Chris currently works directly with schools as well as with individual students.

Education / Latinx-owned

Founder Maria Allauca

Malulis’s Kitchen is focused on bringing high quality baked goods using the best ingredients in the market. They offer a traditional line and are expanding to offer gluten, free-healthy items, as well. These new products will help people with food intolerance to keep eating delicious and healthy sweet treats. Visit their website for all of their amazing treats!

Latinx-owned / FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT

Founder Edward Hernandez

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Edward's background is in catering. However, about 2 years ago, he started consulting with businesses and restaurants, helping to create beverage programs in restaurants and for private events. He is now a full time mixologist who does everything from beverage catering to beverage scheduling and design. He is very passionate about the work he does, and has made valuable partnerships which set him apart in the industry.


FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT / Latinx-owned

Founder Mari Padilla

Grid Design is an experienced professional and innovative in social media marketing and strategy. We empower the vision and ambition of brands embracing their own story. Framework, our creative team, produces inventive content digital accounts that represent the same quality that enables our clients to lead the discourse in the fashion and cultural landscape.

Latinx-owned / Business & Consulting

Founder Joseph Mata

I am a wellness coach and math lovery. I have the following certifications: 200hr Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher, Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms), NASM Certified Personal Trainer, IIN Holistic Health Coach, and Reiki Master. Activate mindfulness programs in low-income communities. Curate immersive yogic experiences for people of color.

Latinx-owned / Health & Wellness
My Interpreter Services

Founder Johanna Valle Sobalvarro

Johanna and her family came to the US as refugees in the late 1980s She understands the immigrant experience, can easily relate to clients and connect. Johanna has been working as a professional interpreter since 2011 in the fields of mental health, medicine, and the law, including workers compensation and immigration. She delivers great customer service.

Business & Consulting / Latinx-owned

Founder Marisol Rivera

A fashion loving Personal Shopper with a keen eye for the hottest trends. I am committed to find the right pieces for you and save you time. Your time is important to me, and you deserve to enjoy every moment of it. Shopping with friends is fun, but shopping with a personal shopper is even better. You can gain access to a range of services reserved for those in the know.

Latinx-owned / Clothing / Business & Consulting

Founder Nixaliz Espinal

Our Mission is to create an amazing coffee drinking experience by using the highest quality fresh roasted coffee beans that had been exclusively served via high-tech coffee machines across NYC and making them available to you, our dear consumers. Extensive R&D produced two amazing roasts, 100% Colombian and Espresso. Rafael and his wife Nixie joined forces and Nixie’s™ was created, a coffee brand born out of a real love story.

Latinx-owned / Food
Nuggie Paw Shop

Founder Silvia Baffone

Silvia lost her job during the pandemic and her husband gave her a puppy to cheer her up. She had always wanted to be a small business owner and Nuggie gave her the inspiration to do just that. She is very crafty, and decided to start making accessories, specifically bandanas, for pets. The bandanas are high-end, reversible, and she sources all of the materials from independent artists and uses eco-friendly water-based ink. She is passionate about helping shelters, and donates $1 of every bandana she sells. She also provides the shelters with her bandanas for their photos and adoption events, which helps them to more easily find homes for the dogs. Her focus is on building community. Her and Nuggie's passion for what they do is infectious, and has led them to be quite successful in a very short amount of time.

Pets / Latinx-owned

Founder Ramona Ferreyra

Ojala Threads creates non toxic baby bodysuits inspired by Hispanic Heritage. We use a premium cotton and spandex blend, making our pieces softer and more comfortable for babies. Our designs are hand printed using non toxic, water based inks. Our heritage inspired bodysuits are currently made in sizes newborn to 3T. Each bodysuit is gift wrapped and includes a poem written by our founder.

Latinx-owned / Kids & Baby / Clothing

Founder Yolfer Carvajal

Pabade Bakery & Cafe is a family business proudly based in East Harlem. Inspired by his aunt’s delicious cooking, Yolfer Carvajal attended French-Jewish culinary school and moved to the United States to pursue his dream of baking professionally. In 2016, his brother Donny and sister Dahyanna joined Yolfer to launch Pabade as a wholesale bakery. 

Latinx-owned / FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT
Pepitos Paletas

Founder Nancy Rosales

Nancy decided to start her own business in the food industry because she misses her family and wants to bring authentic cultural food to the local community. She sells popsicles of various fruity flavors, i.e., Mexican paletas, which are freshly made hours before delivery. While it usually requires a freezer to deliver paletas without compromising the product quality, Nancy invented a unique freeze box that can store the paletas at the desired temperature for up to 8 hours. Due to COVID-19, she lost some customers but she has developed a membership subscription plan to keep the business going.

FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT / Latinx-owned

Founder Cristina Trujillo

REEM Media LLC is a trusted virtual one-stop-shop for all media and tech needs. They provide a holistic creative approach for a client’s quintessential digital presence via brand strategy, content creation, and front-end web development. Women of Color owned and operated.

Latinx-owned / Books, Media, & Tech
Rise 'N Shine Window Cleaning

Founder Paul Usseglio

Paul has worked for multiple companies doing window washing, power washing and related upkeep services for businesses. He decided to branch out on his own and now provides eco-friendly window washing services. His roster of clients is growing and includes both commercial and some residential spaces.

House & Home / Latinx-owned

Founder Raysa Veras

Handmade accessories inspired by the colors of our land, Rouge Hoops are made with 100% high-quality recycled materials. Now taking custom orders.

Latinx-owned / Accessories / Jewelry

Founder Mayra Sanchez

We believe nature provides the resources and power to support our innate self-healing capability. We highly recommend programs that integrate the body-mind-spirit connection. Some of our programs combine the powerful and gentle practice of Wu Ming Qigong with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Latinx-owned / Health & Wellness

Founder Nieves Nieves

A craft service & micro-batch baking company in new york city. Sexy Batch cookies are a perfect treat for fine food connoisseurs of all ages. We have searched from The Himalayas to Saigon to bring a carefully curated blend of ingredients straight to your door. Please enjoy our handcrafted goods with friends, family, and your favorite beverage - tea, coffee, milk or whiskey.  

Latinx-owned / FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT
Smart Sky Solar

Founder Juan Macias

Juan started his own business as a solar power contractor.

House & Home / Latinx-owned

Founder Rebecca Montero

Spread-mmms is a line of small batch, artisanal olive tapenade & savory spreads that are handcrafted in Harlem. We blend the finest ingredients with adventurous flavors for an Arrestingly Delicious experience. These unique & daring spreads will make your taste buds sing like a canary!!! Sassy Savory Spreads are easy to enjoy -- anytime, anywhere. Great for entertaining or spicing up the usuals.

Latinx-owned / FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT

Founder Crystal Carrero

Welcome to StyleHaus. Expertly trained hair and makeup artist committed to Health + Beauty research and techniques. We feature a unique curated selection of natural hair, skin, and makeup products made by small local shops in the USA. It is our mission to only feature 100% natural products that are healthy for the skin + scalp and can be used as part of a daily beauty routine. 

Latinx-owned / Beauty

Founder Elsa Guzman

Triad Collection’s main focus is to bring one of a kind pieces of jewelry considering the significance and purpose of each one. As curators, we want to find the perfect match for our potential client. Our mission is to bring unique jewelry that goes beyond trends. We want to present you with true pieces of art. Everything in our online shop has been carefully curated to offer only the most stunning pieces.

Latinx-owned / Accessories

Founder Cinthya Flores

Utz means good in Maya Quiché, the language spoken by our partner weavers in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. Utz Threads is a Latina owned textile brand that's born from the lively colors and cultural markers of the Maya Quiché people. Through everyday use products, we want to connect the world to the ancestral weaving practices of this living culture and to create a space for women to tell their own empowering stories.

Latinx-owned / Accessories

Founder Genesis Urena

Best Friends is a premiere grooming shop serving Boonton and surrounding towns. We pride ourselves in “Fun” dog grooming and it's what sets us apart from other groomers. Our free play atmosphere and limited caging philosophy keeps your pets happy and minimizes their stress while visiting us. Stop in and visit our shop and you will immediately see what makes us unique and why we are so highly recommended.

Latinx-owned / Pets