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Sweet Life Treat

knowledge of health and self through the use of our handcrafted products

About the Business

Sweet Life Treat is a New York City-based, family-owned, and operated company. We are dedicated to supporting the knowledge of health and self through the exploration and use of traditional holistic medicines. Drawing on over 11 years of experience, practice, and expertise in the health community, Sweet Life Treat used the knowledge gathered to fill and build upon a small void observed in the health community. After searching long and hard for vegan and organic products that truly did not contain harsh chemicals and other additives in any form, Sweet Life Treat began to formulate the personal care treatments that they currently offer to the public. All of the health and beauty elixirs are handcrafted in small batches from the purest forms of nature’s beauty to ensure the highest possible quality and freshness that can be offered.


With a deep interest in vegan cooking and holistic lifestyle, and after working for several years at apothecaries and natural food stores in New York City, Taleah launched her own line of vegan, organic and holistic cosmetic products. Based in the Bronx, Taleah hand makes each of her organic vegan beauty products which are currently sold at Whole Foods and Elm Health as well as online through her website. An avid cyclist, vegan cook and yoga practitioner, each of Taleah’s products were created as a direct response to a personal healing need that was not being met by products currently available on the market. Dedicated to providing high-quality, and effective healing remedies at affordable prices Taleah hopes to make healthy living more affordable. Through Start Small Think Big, Taleah has worked to develop more effective marketing strategies, contracts, and corporate governance structures.