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Founder Amy Liu

Uppertrans was founded in 2015 with the goal of empowering the next generation of Chinese immigrants and people who love Chinese culture. Wen sets up custom curriculums for her students, and teaches the cultural aspects that go along with learning the language. She also provides Chinese interpretation and translation services.

AAPI-owned / Education / Kids & Baby
Yamini's Kitchen

Yamini packages and sells her custom Indian spice blends. Born and raised in Mumbai, Yamini started cooking with her parents when she was only ten years old. As an adult, after years of bringing lunch to work for her co-workers.

Yamini’s Kitchen

Founder Yamini Joshi

From the kaidais in her Mumbai kitchen, making lunch for a coworker, to her dishes served at tables across the globe, immigrant chef Yamini Joshi has 40+ years of cooking traditional Indian dishes.

Yamini is the owner of Yamini's Kitchen, a catering business that also offers cooking classes. Keep on the lookout, as they are planning to launch a homemade spices line soon.

YU-project LLC

Minami is a broadway performer who started a business to help people express themselves freely and fulfill their potential through broadway-inspired exercises, lectures and seminars. She primarily focuses on a Japanese audience, and helping them communication.

YURI: An Asian American Education Project

Cathlin and Freda have worked for years in the education field. They are committed to centering Asian American stories and voices in today's historical narratives. To that end, Cathlin and Freda co-founded and co-direct their small business.