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Introduction to Bookkeeping and Financial Statements
During this informative session, our expert presenters will provide a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental concepts of bookkeeping and the importance of financial statements in managing and understanding business finances. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a small business owner, or

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Smart Money: Leverage for Success

Tuesday, June 25, 2024
4:00 PM EDT
This panel discussion Q&A will focus on helping small business owners understand the range of financing options that are available to them, how to choose a funder that is the right fit for your business, how to make your business an attractive funding prospect, and how to help the approval process

Foodie Law Part II: Protecting Your IP

Wednesday, June 26, 2024
1:00 PM EDT
Calling all culinary creatives! Join us and attorney Edward Weisz of Cozen O’Conner LLP for an overview of the various types of intellectual property assets that apply to your food businesses. Learn about the steps you can take to build and protect those assets while steering clear of common

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AAPI Heritage Month Volunteer Q&A: Richard Kim
May is recognized as Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, a time to celebrate and honor the rich contributions, diverse cultures, and remarkable achievements of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States. One impactful way to support AAPI communities is by
Trademark Overview
A trademark identifies your business as the source of a good or service and distinguishes it from other businesses. Trademarks include...

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Governor Cuomo of New York issued Executive Order 202.6 on March 20, 2020, which requires "non-essential" businesses to close. This short webinar will help you determine the differences between "non-essential" and "essential" businesses under the order to confirm what restrictions or rules may apply to how you operate your business during the current crisis.
This workshop included discussions about the special vocabulary of commercial leases and the rights of a commercial tenant in CA, with a focus on office leases and on retail leases.
lease / Covid-19
During these difficult times, it’s important now more than ever, to have a clear and consistent communication strategy in order to effectively engage customers with your business. In order to maintain awareness to your brand and generate some sales, consider the following strategies.
promotion / Online Advertising
Únete a esta presentación mientras discutimos los contratos de arrendamiento mercantiles y las opciones que tienen los dueños de negocios pequeños en reacción durante crisis como COVID-19.
Espanol / Contratos de Arrendamiento Mercantil
Consejos de como negociar con tu propietario
Espanol / Negocio en Línea
As companies get employees back to work and settle into the new covid-19 workplace, it is important to develop the necessary policies and protocols to deal with the new workplace challenges.
Whether you have limited inventory left, launched a new product/ service, or want to promote pre-orders or pre-bookings on your reopening date, below are four free (or low cost) online advertising resources small businesses can take advantage of right now
Online Advertising
When starting a business, the abundance of online advertising choices for business owners can be overwhelming. One marketing campaign or post is unlikely to get your prospective customer to purchase, so developing a solid marketing funnel for your business is key to driving purchases. Learn more...
Online Advertising
Covid19 has been an unexpected and overwhelming challenge for us all. But customers are eager to get back to a more “normal” world. Read more...
Facilitated by a lawyer, this workshop is designed to give you an overview of the various legal structures that are available to you as a small business owner
Limited Liability / Covid-19
It’s important the businesses they’re supporting are doing this, as well – and being transparent how they’re going about it. This will allow customers to trust that their safety is your number one priority. Learn more...
Aprenda más sobre el acceso a capital a través de Kiva y Opportunity Fund. Esta sesión fue presentada por Veronica Gutierrez de Centro Community Partners, hablando sobre Kiva y Mayra Contreras con Opportunity Fund.
Espanol / Acceso de Capital
Esta sesión será abierta para preguntas y respuestas. Presentado por Gladys Turpo de Grameen y Natalia Carrasco de Pacific Community Ventures.
Espanol / Acceso de Capital
This webinar includes discussions about the special vocabulary of commercial leases and the rights of a commercial tenant in CA, with a focus on office leases and on retail leases. Attorneys were available to answer questions about breaking leases, negotiation options, access to space, and other COVID-19 related concerns.
lease / Covid-19
Esta presentación fue hecha en colaboración con la Ciudad de San José, entre otras organizaciones como Centro Community Partners, Prosperity Lab y Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center. A través de un diálogo abierto, los participantes aprenderán más sobre los recursos de estas organizaciones.
Espanol / Acceso de Capital
Join Start Small Think Big, Small Business Majority, SF LGBT Center, Immigrants Rising and Opportunity for our Small Biz Pro Tip Series where we offered free legal expertise to growing business owners in California.
worker's classifications
Contracts can be a key tool for risk mitigation and management for small business owners. In this first workshop of a two-part series on commercial contracts, attorneys from Debevoise & Plimpton, LLP provided an overview of key issues, vocabulary, rights and obligations as they relate to the negotiation of and compliance with confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements in New York. The attorneys also discussed relevant provisions of these types of agreements, followed by a Q&A.
non-disclosure agreements
The importance of legal entity choice has never been more important when structuring your small business. We paid special attention to child care providers although this webinar is applicable to all business owners.
Legal Entity
Esta presentación discute los contratos de arrendamiento mercantiles y las opciones que tienen los dueños de negocios pequeños en California.
Contratos / Espanol
In case you missed it, watch Laura Feinstein, Kickstarter’s Design & Tech Editor and Outreach Lead, share insights into what makes a successful crowdfunding campaign, and what you should be prepared for before you launch yours. Learn tips from an insider and get funded!
¿Quiere saber si las redes sociales son adecuadas para su pequeña empresa? ¿Quiere saber cómo hacer crecer sus redes sociales sin gastar dinero en anuncios? Vea esta sesión interactiva de 60 minutos para informarse sobre las redes sociales, por qué son importantes y cómo utilizarlas para su pequeña empresa.
Redes Sociales / Espanol
Acompañe a Start Small Think Big y Small Business Majority para un taller virtual gratuito donde un equipo de marketing discutirá cómo los empresarios estadounidenses pueden promocionar su negocio de guardería durante esta crisis de salud pública.
Join Start Small Think Big, Montessori Brooklyn and Small Business Majority for a free virtual workshop to discuss how entrepreneurs can market their childcare business during the public health crisis.
In this webinar, employment attorneys from Lowenstein Sandler LLP explored select issues in legal liability, compliance and risk mitigation for small business in light of COVID-19.
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about economic turmoil with great financial impact on the small business landscape. In the second of a two-part workshop series, attorneys discuss strategies for small business owners seeking to assess the debt profile and the financial health of their business, and provide an overview of select issues in business reorganization and debt discharge in bankruptcy.
debt / Covid-19
Between January and February 2021, Start Small Think Big, in collaboration with community partners, presented a multi-part webinar on employment law requirements in New York. Learn more...
employment law / human resources / worker's compensation
Learn about setting up bookkeeping in Wave with our webinar
If you received a loan under the paycheck protection program (“ppp”), you may be thinking about applying for loan forgiveness. Here is a quick guide on how to apply, and what to do if your application is denied.
e U.S. federal government has established key small business financial relief programs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. See our overview of the following, as recently addressed in the relief bill signed on March 11, 2021 and in relevant guidance.
Loan / Grant
So you are thinking of restructuring your small business. One unique entity type you may want to consider is a worker cooperative (worker “co-op”). Facilitated by a legal fellow, please join Start Small Think Big and Small Business Majority for an overview of the various cooperative models available to small business owners in California.
cooperatives / patents
The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 established $28.6 billion in grants for food service businesses impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Learn about available aid.
Summer is fast approaching, and with it, the summer internship season. For small business owners, hiring interns can offer opportunities to increase capacity, especially during periods of growth. Employers however must be aware of and comply with all laws and regulations applicable to their workplaces. Below are some things to consider before hire an intern.
interns / hiring
On March 11, 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act into law. Below, we have provided key updates from the legislation that are likely to be of interest to small businesses. Information on the new legislation is quickly evolving. Additional updates and guidance on this legislation are expected, including from the Small Business Administration and the Department of the Treasury.
PPP / Loan / Grant / Covid-19
Many small businesses continue to face great difficulty in making commercial rent payments. Commercial tenants struggling to make ends meet should understand three important sources of legal protection when it comes to commercial leasing: lease agreements, common law, and executive orders and legislation.
lease / Covid-19 / New York