Founder Sunita Giri

The specialty of Bini’s Kitchen is really the home ground spices. Bini’s Kitchen brings Nepalese Soul food from the foothills of Himalayas to San Francisco. From the home ground spices, traditional preparations and local ingredients, everything is made with love and passion.

Restaurants & Catering

Founder Afua Ayisi

BOSUO Food Group is a food and beverage company that reimagines classic West African beverage recipes to bring flavor and product diversification in the ready to drink tea industry. Afua is rebranding traditional West African beverages by fusing traditional recipes with contemporary knowledge to create healthy and delicious bottled beverages.

Black-owned / FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT

Founder Candice Ross

BRINS Jam & Marmalade is a little company. It started in a tiny Brooklyn kitchen, making preserves out of the abundant care packages of backyard citrus & herbs Candice’s family would send from back home in Louisiana. They believe preserving is a passion rooted in love found in the homes everyone has both near & far.


Founder LaParis Phillips

Brooklyn Blooms draws inspiration from fashion, nature and art while using flowers as the medium. Mixing textures, colors, and silhouettes applies to arranging flowers just as much as it applies to creating the perfect look. They believe that everyone is an individual and deserves to have florals tailored just for them! By using curated seasonal blooms they create “beautiful things out of beautiful things”.

Black-owned / House & Home

Founder Alec Meeker

Bushwick Daily is an independent media company based in New York City that launched in 2009 to focus on community issues, events, food, art, and culture in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick. The publication is a progressive local resource for the thriving communities of Bushwick, Ridgewood, and East Williamsburg.

Books, Media, & Tech

Founder Lucia Rollow

Founder Lucia Rollow opened the Bushwick Community Darkroom in 2011. BCD offers 24/7 access to darkrooms, as well as color and black-and-white film processing, education programs, and gallery shows. The Bushwick Community Darkroom aims to make film photography affordable and accessible to everyone.


Founder Steve Earthman

Call Me Caramel offers cheese caramels, are unctuous, deep, rich flavored caramels unlike anything else. Sweet, savory and umami all at once, they defy both categories of cheese and caramel. Cheese lovers love them. Caramel lovers love them, and people who are normally averse to each love them. 


Founder Charley Ferrer

Cancer Tamer provides education, empowerment services, and life-enriching activities to women with cancer – a new way to think, look and live with cancer – because no one should be at war with their body. For decades, the medical community has taught us that cancer is the enemy; that we should eradicate it; that it’s something we must try to survive, overcome, and destroy. Let’s learn a new way.

Latinx-owned / Health & Wellness

Founder Maria Angelica Delgado

We are on a venture to locate and fund a Local Tortilleria & Cocina Storefront. We will continue as a Home Cottage Food Operator offering Sweet and Savory (Non-Meat) Tamales, Tortillas, Traditional Mexican Chocolate, Pinole and other packaged items available for you to order online. Read about our tamales fundraiser where you can select savory tamales as a donation, or support with a purchase at one of our farmers markets.

Latinx-owned / FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT

Founder Mark Hall

Chef Marshall has been perfecting hot pepper sauces for over 20 years, testing them in Jamaican markets, home kitchens, and Harlem restaurants. The result is an incredibly versatile flavor that will enhance favorite dishes of any cuisine. Chef Marshall’s mission it to “Jamaicafy” the everyday meals of working new yorkers through natural, full-flavor foods.

Black-owned / FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT

Founder Chelsea Hrynick Browne

Chelsea Hrynick Browne layers together intricately hand-cut paper, paint and embellishments to form larger abstract “paintings” for hope, healing, and beautification.


Founder Christine Gardiner

The New Paradigm School is dreaming of a school for the future. They are a collective of mentors, experts, teachers, and learners coming together across the arts and sciences to imagine and implement new paradigms for sharing and delivering knowledge. Christine envisions a sharable, open-source platform where kids learn how to learn and, in turn, teach each other.


Founder Chau Mui

Ciaooo! is a local, neighborhood site about NYC that lives between a city guide and a lifestyle magazine. They cover unique, off the grid places to eat, drink, shop and see and all the ways to survive and thrive affordably in NYC. Their goal is to inspire New Yorkers to be the most informed, impactful, and fun versions of themselves, because the first step in making the world a better place, is to start at home.

AAPI-owned / Books, Media, & Tech

Founder Claudia Berroa

Claudy’s Gourmet is a small family business operating in the Bronx and selling to all of New York City. Claudia, the cooking genius, is a New Yorker by way of Lima, Peru. Claudy’s has the best Peruvian food, serving all fresh, natural and locally sourced foods whenever possible. Finally, their recipes have been worked on for hundreds of hours until each item comes out balanced in flavor, appearance and texture. Tasting is believing...

Latinx-owned / Restaurants & Catering

Founder Krystal Benson

Clique Bait is a female led creative agency setting a new standard for social communications. Founded in March 2020, their agency combines creativity, culture and clean aesthetics with industry knowledge to produce engaging content that tells brands stories and achieves optimizable results. Their mission is to help educate business owners on how to be self-sufficient in the digital space.  

Black-owned / Business & Consulting

Founder Bryan Rosenthal

CoCaptain connects Coaches & Clients for personal & professional growth. CoCaptain is home to Advisors, Business Coaches, Life Coaches and Subject Matter Experts. They are screened and trained professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience from a variety of fields and industries. Their goal is to provide the coaching and support their customers need to ensure success. 

Black-owned / Business & Consulting

Founder Trystan Reese

Collaborate Consulting builds results-driven partnerships from the ground up, listening to their client’s needs and guiding their projects with decades of experience in LGBTQ inclusion, racial justice, equity for the trans community, reproductive justice, inclusive journalism, marketing to the LGBTQ community… and so much more! 

Business & Consulting / LGBTQIA+

Founder Chelsea C. Williams

As a new generation prepares to enter the workforce, the most diverse generation in history -- GenZ, organizations must consider innovative ways to develop, retain, and engage emerging talent. College Code partners with national organizations to support the development & retention of this emerging population through their signature programs, coaching suite, and consultative services.


Founder Nubia Roberts

Comfy Space is committed to moving the experience of cleaning a space from being a chore to that of an art. Their attention to detail, as well as their receptiveness and sensitivity to the unique needs of each customer is what really sets their services apart from the rest of the industry. Comfy Space will assist with diminishing the survival of COVID-19, and other viruses by thorough cleaning.

Black-owned / House & Home

Founder Andre Peart

Andre Peart decided to build a platform exclusively for men and women affected by the justice system. A place to connect with organizations whose missions serve to advance the prospect of a decent and productive life for the formerly incarcerated. ConConnect is a believes in taking the right first – or next step. It may be a job, further education, addressing drug or mental health issues. 

Black-owned / Business & Consulting

Founder Luis Miranda

The Concourse Art Foundation is a community based organization that provides a platform for all artists through a series of festivals. Film, Comedy, Poetry and Food. Each festival building its own network and family. Together. A foundation for the arts. Each department will also run a 10-week program for the local youth, hiring artists to teach their craft.


Founder Luis Miranda

The Concourse Art Foundation is a community based organization that provides a platform for all artists through a series of festivals. Film, Comedy, Poetry and Food. Each festival building its own network and family. Together. A foundation for the arts. Each department will also run a 10-week program for the local youth, hiring artists to teach their craft. The youth will learn the fundamentals and learn how to make money.

Latinx-owned / Art

Founder Ayana Chung

Cooking with Yan provides quality soul food dishes at affordable prices for low-income individuals, NYCHA and Section-8 recipients. She is not only a chef but a mental health professional who has used the therapeutic qualities of cooking to persevere through mental health crises. Chef Yan wishes to heal through food all while promoting mental health awareness and togetherness in communities of color. 

Restaurants & Catering

Founder Tania Lopez

Are you looking to transform your weekly menu? Or do you want to cook with family, friends or colleagues? Then you’ve come to the right place! Coqui the Chef’s recipes and virtual cooking classes are unique and tasty. They love to explore all types of food from all over the world. Their passion is to teach how food can be a passport to an amazing culinary experience around the globe. Join their community of food explorers!

Latinx-owned / FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT