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Founder Ruby Schechter

The Better Pop is made with fruit and kombucha. That's it. They use the whole fruit, not fruit juice, which adds more fiber to every bite. Fiber slows down the rate at which sugar hits the blood stream. The Better Pop wants to change the way people look at food by proving that "better" food can also taste amazing. They also make an amazing product that changes the experience of eating a popsicle.  

The Christmus Corner

Founder Tiffany St. Christopher

When you love the holidays as much as Bronx, New York native Tiffany St. Christopher, it's only fitting that your small business is called The Christmus Corner.

There's no spelling mistake; The Christmus Corner is the "US" holiday shop that recognizes “it takes a village to celebrate the holidays. Their shop features handmade ornaments and cards from a variety of Black-owned businesses.

House & Home / Black-owned

Founder Yusef Austin

The Cocktail Architect “Inspiring everyone to eat, drink and enjoy life consciously & organically.” A Brooklyn based mixology company specializing in multi-sensory food and drink experiences. Their drinks and bites are based on creativity, seasonality, quality, and taste.


Founder Tanya Gupta

Enlivenment is a multimedia collective and production company, dedicated to serving the ideas and visions of changemakers. They produce meaningful creative content and connections that engage and inspire individuals to experience their world differently. From brand consultations to interactive designs, they are a one-stop source. 


Founder Nichole Walker

The Gallery Grid is a product born out of a passion to make life easier. They look to make it possible to hang a 15 pictures gallery wall in less than 1.5 hrs, which means more time with the family, more time with friends, and more time having fun. The Gallery Grid offers a range of professional services to cater to customers’ needs. 

Black-owned / House & Home

Founder John Lindsey

The Great Highway is a contemporary art gallery and printing studio located in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset district. The Great Highway gallery was founded in 2011 and focuses on an appreciation for images and ideas that explore the intersection of land and water. The Great Highway gallery’s mission is to support and promote the work of a diverse group of artists who seek sincere stories, and challenge conventional thinking.


Founder Joy Fennell

The Joy in Beauty is an online destination that helps people find balance between beauty and perfection—because the truth is joy really is the best makeup! Readers can learn all about what’s new and what’s next in skincare, hear all about beauty behind the scenes and learn to create looks Joy and her team know everyone will love.

Black-owned / Beauty

Founder Dawn Demry

The Little Hot Dog Wagon is a mobile food wagon servicing New York City and New Jersey communities with it’s special homemade Kraut served as a topping and food enhancer on a variety of foods sold on the wagon. They serve fresh salmon burgers and corn on the cob, two types of sausages, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, tacos, homemade chili, chicken kebabs and more.

Restaurants & Catering / Black-owned

Founder Doreet Jehassi

Growing up in New York in a Yemenite-Israeli family, some of Doreet’s most joyous moments involved eating with family and friends. Her meals allowed for her to share in common culture through food. The Ma’lawah Bar is her tribute to her heritage, and she’s more than delighted to share them. Biting into either of these mouth-watering creations will not disappoint. Doreet guarantees it.

Restaurants & Catering
The Maker Heart Studio
The Maker Heart Studio

Founder Nadine Kennedy

Nadine is a Doula, focusing on postpartum wellness for new parents and their babies. She is also an artist, and brings this in a variety of ways into her health services: she helps with new born photography, she teaches new moms the art of journaling to set up and organize their new schedules, and will even set up the nursery and sew curtains or decorations. Nadine uses her creativity to take a holistic approach as a Doula and to ease the pressure from her clients as they begin a new chapter of life.


Health & Wellness / Black-owned
The Motherland Plug

Founder Patricia Striggles

Patricia wanted to make extra money while in college, so she started selling crafts on Etsy. Her passion for craft making, selling, and collecting led her to evolve her Etsy store into The Motherland Plug.

The Motherland Plus is a culturally curated Afrocentric online retailer, featuring a curated selection of fair trade and handmade African clothing, accessories, beauty products, and more.

Accessories / Black-owned / Jewelry / Clothing

Founder Karla Carrington

The Nail Belle is a spot where southern hospitality meets New York City chic. The space offers environmentally-conscious manicures and pedicures using carcinogen-free polishes. Known as “five-free” polishes, the brands are free of certain chemicals such as formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and toluene.

Black-owned / Beauty
The Pink Bakery

Founder Nubian Simmons

Nubian Simmons was labeled "a failure to thrive" baby because of her allergies to milk, wheat, and other foods when she was born.

After years of countless doctor visits and a lifetime of research, Nubian created The Pink Bakery; they make allergen-free baking mixes, using non-GMO, gluten-free, and fair trade ingredients specifically for people with food allergies.

FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT / Black-owned

Founder Garonne Decossard

The Ronnie Shop’s vision is to create a line of hair care products to help those dealing with hair loss regain their confidence naturally. Their most popular product, Ronnie's Scalp Oil, is a mix of all natural and essential oils, with moisturizing, sealing and restorative properties to soothe and stimulate the scalp. It is also used as a maintenance oil for proactive hair care, and scalp massages.

Beauty / Black-owned

Founder Surafel Techane

TEFF is a gluten free super grain containing high levels of natural iron. Teff Bar™ is Teff Lab’s first plant-based and gluten-free snack powered by teff -- a tiny supergrain native to ethiopia. Surafel believes teff is the future of food: the Teff Lab’s purpose is to invest in rural communities by creating deliciously sustainable teff snacks that give back.

Black-owned / FOOD, DRINKS & DESSERT
The Weekend Store

Founder Adjowah Brodie

Always crafty and uber-creative, Adjowah Brodie wanted to create a well curated shop that fit her flexible lifestyle -- so she came up with The Weekend Store.

Adjowah spends her Saturdays and Sundays at The Weekend Store in Oakland, selling thoughtful feminist-inspired gifts that serve a purpose, solve a problem, are totally beautiful, and handmade in-house.

Accessories / Black-owned

Founder Gail Davis

Gail provides graphic design and marketing services through print materials, particularly for the churches in her community. She had a long career in the fashion industry and simultaneously taught herself how to use design software.

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Black-owned / Business & Consulting

Founder Whitney Johnson

Whitney Johnson is a cultural architect aiming to drive culture and change simultaneously through the power of marketing and media. She has worked with brands including NBCUniversal, E! Entertainment, and Bank of America as a digital marketing, experiential marketing and public relations professional. She is simply a visionary striving to build a better culture.

Black-owned / Books, Media, & Tech

Founder Tiarra Logan

Natural Hair is Tiarra’s Creations’ specialty, and styling twists, braids, cornrows, and weaves, is their passion. Their client’s hair is their priority, and they take pride in providing the best service, while utilizing proper hair care techniques. Tiarra has serviced many men & women in the Bay Area, and now she wants to train her customers! Every month, she hosts camps & classes on how to properly care for and style natural hair.

Black-owned / Beauty

Founder Tiger White

Getting a client’s photo taken should not be stressful. Tiger’s goal is to add value to his customer’s brand or business. His approach is to create a comfortable environment for his clients to kick back and be themselves to get the most authentic Headshot. 

Black-owned / Books, Media, & Tech

Tiffany has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and never wanted to have a corporate job long term. She started this business to sell snacks that are healthy and tasty. She learned about logistics and supply chain as well as startup operations from her sister.


Founder Margo Cargill

Titanium Linx Consulting, a diversified global project management firm. They specialize in corporate strategy, providing essential support services in the areas of business & economic development, marketing & communications, public & government relations, procurement and compliance management to our clients and prime contractors. Titanium Linx. manages expectations of cost, time, and scope. 

Black-owned / Business & Consulting

Founder JM Jaffe

Trans Health Consulting offers a variety of didactic trainings to deepen an organization’s knowledge of trans health. Companies can integrate trans care into their organization with needs assessment tools, strategic planning & capacity building. They can also obtain assistance with the bureaucracy of gender transition.

Health & Wellness / LGBTQIA+

Founder Alina Mihai

Alina’s on a mission to gather all of her clients’ beauty and knowledge & help them express it through their business. She believes the world needs more authenticity and vulnerability. That is why she has made it her business to help multitalented, big-vision, big-hearted entrepreneurs express their mission and the truth of who they are through their brand. 

Books, Media, & Tech / Business & Consulting