Meet the Volunteer: Joy Fennell

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To kick off National Volunteer Week, we’re talking all things volunteer within and outside of the Start Small Think Big community. For this post, we’re excited to introduce you to Start Small Think Big Marketing volunteer Joy Fennell. Learn about her experiences not only as a volunteer, but also as an entrepreneur who formerly utilized our free services! Now she’s dedicating her time and expertise to pay it forward.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your experience as a marketing professional.

I'm Joy Fennell, and while my roots are deeply planted in the creative fields of beauty and fashion as a makeup artist, my journey has evolved significantly to include marketing, especially within the digital realm. My transition from makeup artistry to becoming the founder of The Future in Black has been an incredible adventure, allowing me to blend my artistic vision with innovative marketing strategies. 

My experience as a marketing professional and creative director is a bit unique. It’s been shaped by my firsthand understanding of the creative industries, my passion for technology, and my commitment to inclusivity and diversity. This blend has enabled me to craft marketing campaigns and strategies that not just communicate but resonate deeply with audiences, particularly in the beauty, fashion, and art sectors. 

I’ve had the pleasure of pioneering AI-driven marketing initiatives, creating immersive digital experiences that engage and captivate. Every campaign is an opportunity to tell a story, to connect on a personal level, and to leave a lasting impression. I aim to always push the boundaries of what's possible, combining data and creativity to achieve results that speak volumes.

Did you work with SSTB as a client before volunteering with us?

My journey with Start Small Think Big began as a client. It was an incredibly enriching experience that supported my aspirations and empowered my entrepreneurial spirit. Given the immense value I received, I felt a strong desire to give back and pay it forward. It’s been a fulfilling transition, allowing me to share insights and support other budding entrepreneurs on their paths to success.

What are some projects/sessions/workshops you’ve worked on while collaborating with an #AllForSmall business?

I've spearheaded two enriching educational ventures: conducting an "AI 101 for Small Business Owners" class and leading a "Marketing 101" session. Each workshop was tailored to empower small business owners by unraveling the complexities of artificial intelligence and marketing in today's digital world. 

Through "AI 101 for Small Business Owners," I aimed to bridge the gap between small business operations and the transformative potential of AI, providing a foundation for integrating these technologies to foster business growth. Meanwhile, the "Marketing 101" session focused on the essentials of crafting impactful marketing strategies, drawing on my extensive background in beauty and fashion to inspire creative and effective brand storytelling. 

These experiences have been incredibly fulfilling, offering me the chance to pass on my insights and enthusiasm for leveraging technology and strategic marketing to drive success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

How much do you typically charge for the services that you’re providing to members of the SSTB community for free? Why are you willing to provide your services for free?

For members of the SSTB community, I've chosen to offer my services for free. This decision stems from my commitment to giving back to a community that's been instrumental in my growth and success. It's my way of paying it forward, ensuring that emerging entrepreneurs have access to the same opportunities and support that were pivotal for me. By sharing my expertise at no cost, I hope to empower others to innovate and thrive, contributing to a vibrant and supportive ecosystem for small businesses.

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