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April 14, 2021
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Practicing sustainable doesn’t mean you have to worry about the bottom line completely changing your organization’s structure.

As a community business leader, you’re in the position to take a stand against currently accepted waste disposal processes, to reduce your company’s impact on the environment, and to provide a greener, more sustainable, experience for your employees and consumers every day. 

Here are some things to consider as you develop a greener business.


The average plastic bag takes up to 1,000 years to decompose. And while paper is often considered more eco-friendly, more than 80% of paper bags still end up in landfills.

Switching from paper and plastic to compostable bags can help to reduce your business’s landfill load and mitigate and remove health risks associated with pollution and waste disposal.



Farm to table is all the rage, so take it one step further—farm to table and back to the farm. Be sure to let your customers know that your compostable materials can be used to help grow next year’s harvest. Consumers are demanding more sustainable practices from the brands and services they use -- and your customers will love being part of the solution.



In addition, going green has a financial benefit as well. If your business is built on the foundation of sustainability and eco-friendly choices, you may be eligible for tax incentives and write-offs that help to support the transition. 



When you take eco-conscious steps for your business, you’re making a statement about the values that your company supports. Not only will you become a brand or organization known for your social impact, but you’ll be noted as a progressive leader in the community and among other businesses looking to follow in your green footsteps.



Don’t forget about the benefits of social interaction that attracts eco fans and makes it easy to share your business online, framed as a forward-thinking environmental organization doing things right.


Whether you interested in taking your green business to the next level or just figuring out where to start, Commit is here to help.

To learn more about environmental sustainability follow Commit to Green. They design and manufacture high-end compostable organic waste disposal liners and compostable alternatives to standard plastic and paper shopping bags.

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