Honoring Women: Small Business Owners on Women’s History Month
March 30, 2021



March was Women’s History Month, a time to remember the trailblazing women who have led the way to change. To celebrate, we asked a few of our women-owned businesses what the month means to them, and what they’re doing to honor this time.

What Does WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH mean to you?

Women’s History Month is a celebration of how far we’ve come as women in breaking barriers, pushing back against norms, and being seen for our humanity. I envision a world where we don't have a distinction like Women’s History Month because we understand, appreciate, and respect the power of women and celebrate them daily in our history books, TV shows, movies, and music.


2 Chicks in the Mix
What Does WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH mean to you?

As women entrepreneurs, Women’s History Month is recognizing all of the strides that have been made in the advancement of women. Women forging their own paths is more and more common everyday and we’re proud of that!


Kalm Korner
Who is your role model?

My greatest role model and the woman who has made the greatest impact on my life is my mother, Renee Celeste Miller. Her story, her sacrifice, her resilience, her wisdom, and her example continue to be the standard I strive for.


The Pink Bakery
Who is your role model?

My role models include the founders of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, and my mother. All of these women faced unprecedented roadblocks as they navigated through the white, male-dominated America. Their unrelenting desire to create a more equitable world for generations of women like me is inspirational. My foremothers saw a world where women of the future would benefit and prosper for their sacrifice. I am humbled by their efforts and bravery.

Joselyn Martinez
Who is your role model?

Oprah Winfrey. I remember watching her on TV and admiring her inspiring, motivating and driven character. Later down the road when I was stuck on something I would ask myself: “What would Oprah do?” I was also influenced by Mother Cabrini. I attended the all girl school she founded in Washington Heights. It really made a difference in my life – it gave us a space where we could aspire to be anything we wanted.

All Things DMC

DMC Original Art is honoring Women's History Month by using social media to highlight women who focus on women's mental health – Alex Elle, Rupi Kaur, Lalah Delia, and others. I believe that as long as we care for ourselves mentally, we can gain the courage to share our voices and natural gifts with the world. I’m also a mentor with the non-profit Girls Write Now, and am offering a free painting workshop in the program as a way to join in sisterhood and celebrate one another – or simply find a sense of healing through art.

Rouge Hoops

Rouge Hoops is a small company whose employees are 100% female, so we always promote women’s rights and gender equality. We work with women with limited resources in the production of our accessories. Through this, we support the empowerment of women. We also support educational training programs to make accessories for Niñas del Bronx and patients with breast cancer. ⁠Rouge Hoops was born to conquer the hearts of women who love unique creations. We are inspired by Rouge Girls who have their own style, who desire to be bohemian and elegant at the same time.

Professional Eco Cleaning

Professional Eco Cleaning is a local, woman-owned business that works in the East Bay of California. We founded our company to help end the exploitative practices and culture in our industry that affects predominantly immigrant and low-income women. “The difference between a broken community and a thriving one is the presence of women who are valued.”